Combining 21 years of retail and wholesale fashion experience, Renay thrives on using her expertise in all areas of the wholesale and retail fashion industry.   Benefiting brands, both existing and new, her broad knowledge encompasses fashion, swimwear & surf brands.


Graduation from studies in a Bachelor of Business through Griffith University's Business School, in October 2020.  Renay's passion for entrepreneurship, combined with international business expertise and omnichannel marketing, ensure her experience stands out in an international playing field. 

Whether in brand consulting for initial conception, designing new collections and styles, to pattern making and construction knowledge.   Renay is highly competent in local Australian and United States production but her specialisation within Asian business and offshore manufacturing, is her passion.


Her garment production knowledge, specifications and technical documentation, is guaranteed on time, with high quality samples delivered. 


Enjoying challenges within responsibility and autonomy within her tasks, Renay seeks reputable brands and companies which provide a safe work environment with environmentally friendly and corporate socially responsible aspirations.

Personal ideals for expanding from solely a designers perspective to that of a globalised entrepreneur, Renay seeks freelance employment with fashion brand's seeking expansion into international business, or requiring garment production with a focus on Asian expertise.

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