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THE BIG 5 PROJECT Personality test  [OCEAN model] :


Open-mindedness [94 percentile] I am original, creative and curious.

Conscientiousness [91 percentile] I am reliable, well-organised and self-disciplined

Extroversion [90 percentile] I am often outgoing and energetic in business

With strengths in leading and motivating others through written and verbal communication.  I am highly motivated, my drive sees my time and self-management as a contributing factor to my success in business, as well as in my university studies and entrepreneurial ventures.

Emotionality [25 percentile] a relaxed demeanor. I am generally calm, relaxed, secure and hardy in my disposition.  I find my mindfulness techniques and personal interests keep me grounded and focused.


Agreeableness [7 percentile] often inflexible when it comes to sample or production deadlines, my rigidity to timelines often sees me resolute in my personal and business schedules.

Personal leadership style between paternalistic and participative, I credit my teenage and adolescent years as a McDonalds shift manager (1990 - 1996) to my business mindset.

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